16 November 2005

blog envy

Well, god-dammit, if no one is going to read this blog, then I'm going to do my best to get some pub on another blog.

Deadspin, quickly becoming my new favorite time-wasting site of the day, ran a story about T.O. selling his New Jersey home for approximately $4.3MM. I remembered a story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution mentioning that he's sell his house in the ATL for $4.5MM (in your face, NJ!), so I sent it to Will Leitch.

Today they posted this story. I didn't receive any direct reference, nor did I get the oh-so-precious invite to be a commenter on Gawker sites, but at least I know I've contributed a meaningless tidbit of information to a blog that people actually read.

And while we're still talking about Deadspin, here's a funny story about Titans boss Jeff Fisher at a craps table in Vegas.

Update: I rule.

Hey, saw your blog; meant no offense. Got a bunch of emails about that. Want a comment invite?

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